Things That Can Make Me Happy

1. When my mom smiles for me. It's always makes me smile n happy!
2. Makes my friends laugh n smile
3. When my flirtaimee hold my hand n look at me. Wow!!
4. My PC, My Laptop, My HP, My modem.
5. Chocolate, Cimory milk, and Frozen Yogurt!! Yummie..
6. Watching movie with my flirtaimee. We are movie freaks yeah!
7. Call my boyfie FLIRTAIMEE (Flirtatious Aimee) . Hey my boyfie is flirtatious boy, be carefull girls!! :p
8. Have fun with my lil sista n also fight with her.
9. When my flirtaimee text me n just say "Good night, have a nice dream. Dont forget wash your hand n your foot. And use your blanket. See you in our dream. I love you.. X.O.X.O"
10. Shopping!!

From: Saras

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