Exclamation and sounds used in comic books and cartoon

Argh!     : Used to indicate extreme frustration
   Argh! I can’t believe she’s going make us sit through another one of her songs!

Blah!      :  Used to indicate  dislike for someone or something
                 Blah! You actually like her?

Blech!     : A response to having tasted or seen something unpleasant
                 Blech! I’ve never tasted anything so revolting (The “-ch” in Blech pronounced “-ck”)

Eek!       : Used to denote fear
                Eek! There’s a mouse running around the floor!

Gee!       : 1. Used to indicate admiration
                 Gee! He is so handsome!
                2. Used to indicate disappointment
                 Gee! I’d never wear a dress like that!

Geez!      : Used to denote exasperation and disbelief
                 Geez! Why did you tell our secret?

Phew!     : Used to expressed great relief after experiencing high anxiety
                 Phew! What a relief? I thought the boss gonna fire me but instead, He gave me a raise!

Sigh!       : Used to denote disappointment and resignation
                 I love him so much, but I know He’s not interested in me at all! Sigh!

Whoa!     : (pronounced Woh)
   1.       Used as way to tell the other person to stop an action
   Whoa! I don’t want to hear about him anymore!
   2.       Used to indicate complete confusionn
   Whoa! Did you understand what our math teacher was talking about?

Yike!       : Used to indicate sureprise and concern
                 Yike! Look at the size of that bee!

Yipe!       : Used to indicate sureprise and concern
                 Yipe! Look what your little brother is doing!

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