Many stories I want to tell today, because Im busy everyday and tuesday is spare time. I want to tell you about my story yesterday. Yesterday, me n my friend's class in B class trapped in cat and dog rain. We couldn't go anywhere after reading class and stayed at corridor. Because the rain was very heavy. We just played card and online at corridor. And saw the rain. Suddenly, we felt hungry but we couldn't go anywhere. My friend got idea to order KFC delivery. And all of my friends agrree with her. And me, yeah me too. Even my doctor not allowed me to eat junk food or fast food because of my allergy, but I dont care. Because I was hungry!!, and I promise it was my last time eat junk food :p

This is the first time for us ordered KFC to campuss. And many people in my faculty wonder with us. Maybe we was the first student who ordered KFC to campuss. Hehe

I never forget that time, because everything was fun if I through my day with my friends in B class. Keep solid guys!. And lets make something fun again next time!

happy eating

hungry face

The bill