What a lovely day

Today was a fairytale.. oops, thas a taylor swift song. Today was awesome. I had a great day with my friends sapta and iis..

First, we studied with Mr.Kenny from Liverpool about the differences of American English and British. I was excited when we learned about British. Because very many differences between American and British. And many more like He doesn't allow us to call him 'sir'. But 'mister', because in UK Sir is 'gelar kehormatan'. And I was proud because this 'gelar kehormatan' was given to Ayumardi Azra. My ex-rector in UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.

After that, me, Iis, and Sapta went to our third institute (in british campus called institute) Pondok Indah Mall. Because Iis was galau today, and dare us to play DDR with her. And we accepted that. We were tired play DDR, and my foot very hurt and pegel encok ngilu. But ot was totally fun!. And she was forget with her problem and didn't see galau anymore. And me too, I forgot my lovely boyfriend. Hahaha (Im sorry hun). After that we ate in es teler 77. And then we ate waffle ice cream in foodcourt PIM 2 as our base camp. And shared our each problems, gave solutions to each other, and threw away our problems. And the time like that I always feel lucky has many friends..

Oh yeah, I also concerned by disaster in Indonesia. And pray for my lovely country. But, now I can't do anything for victims in merapi, mentawai, wasior, and banjir in jakarta. I just pray for them, and I hope next day I will collect donation to them with my friends. Because they really need donation from us..

Ps: Im sorry If I have many mistakes in my grammar, because Im trying to write in English. And its my first post from my Android. It was really helpful!

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