Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday I went to Gandaria City for having dinner with Tebe to celebrate our 4th anniversary. We decided to eat sushi at Sushi Ya. That was our first time eat sushi there, because we usually eat sushi at Sushi Tei, my favorite sushi restaurant. The menu in Sushi Ya match with Tebe's taste, many frying tuna and salmon on that menu (FYI, tebe didn't like fish before. But now he is sushi lovers!). However, I still love Sushi Tei. I didn't find fresh sushi as many as on Sushi Tei. It made me dissapointed :(

Hungry Face with his Udon

Manyun, I want more fresh salmon!
After that we went to The Little Things She Needs. I bought two pair of shoes for IDR 199.000. I bought flat shoes for go to college everyday, because too many wedges and higheels whose  mine. Then, we went to J.Co and craving Froyo. And we talked about 'that planning'.