Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

2 days ago I was attending Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. Alhamdulillah, I got 2 invitation for APPMI fashion show 1-2. First, I got it from Dian Pelangi because I won her photo contest and the other I got it from Irna Mutiara, I was on her guest list. Surprisingly, I got VIP seat in second show and I sat next to Widyawati, Indonesian's senior actress. Here is it my photos in JFW 2010..

Simple Beautifully Black

with Oya from Aceh

with the designer, Dian Pelangi

The designers

After the show, I had early dinner at The Nanny's Pavilion. That was my first time eat there. I like the toilet theme of that restaurant. I like the fettucini, it's so delicious. If you want to eat and sit on the closet, you should try at this place!

Me - Nabil - Dilalah