Family Time

This long weekend, I spend my day in my grandpa's house. Like usual, half of my big family are there. I meet my cousins and having fun with them. On Saturday, we have barbeque and ice cream party. After that we singing together with 'organ tunggal'. My uncle is a musician, so he has some keyboards, piano, guitar. Some of my cousins are musicians. Adit is pianist and violinist, Ririn is a good singer and pianist and her sister too, Qia is a celebrity. She is vocalist, music-student, model, MC, etc (she is very multi-talented). And me? Please never ask me about my voice and musical ability.

On Monday, I accompany Ririn at Festival Muslimah event. This event is a talent competition for Muslimah. Ririn join this event because she want to show her talent at singing. After that, we are going to Baltos (Balubur Townsquare) to having lunch. We decided to having lunch at The Kiosk. This is my firs time eating at The Kiosk Baltos. I am amazed with the view of Bandung city from that place, especially Pasopati bridge!

Ririn and me. Ririn wears Enchanted Hijab and I wear Ina's Scarf