I'm back!

Rasanya sudah lama sekali saya tidak menulis di blog ini. So many activities which I didn't write on this blog. In 4 months, there was many experiences in my life. Me and my friends lived in a village for KKN, I had some fashion events in my college (UIN Fashion fair), I did my first photoshoot for FiMiNin book (it was my  old dream :p), and the most important thing in my life is ..... Now, I'm writing on my thesis!

Yeeah, finally I'm in the last semester. I'm so excited doing my thesis, but sometimes it's makes me stress and bored. Hehe. I just want to graduate from UIN as soon as possible and get my 'Sarjana Sastra' soon because, it's the first step to chase my dream. Yes, my dream is continue my master degree (literature, history, or arts) in UK or Australia. This is my biggest dream, I want makes my dad proud with his little girl.

Beside that, now I have small business with my classmate Isti. I have a brand "Enchanted Hijab" which sell many hijab and accesories for women in good price. Our price is really fit with students' pocket ;)

And now I promise to always write everything on this blog. I will never skip my post again. Thank you.

Ps: I will write my past experience on next post. Jangan bosen yah teman-teman!